Why Kazakhstan Claims They Have Huge Opportunity ?

Why Kazakhstan Claims They Have Huge Opportunity ?

Why Kazakhstan Claims They Have Huge Opportunity ?

1.       Huge Opportunity for the Students

Kazakhstan is a huge opportunity for students who are from India and are not able to get seats in Indian medical schools.

2.       Aspirants Looking for Seats in Abroad Universities

The reason is that every year the number of seats in Indian medical schools is limited and the number of students is much higher than the seats which result in a large number of Indian medical aspirants looking for seats in universities of abroad.

3.       Medical Universities are Approved by MCI

Kazakhstan has a large number of MCI (Medical Council of India) approved medical universities and thousands of Indian students applying for seats in Kazakh medical schools.

4.       MBBS Program is Taught in the English Language

The complete MBBS program is taught in the English language in Kazakhstan universities and the complete curriculum is highly appreciated and recognized in the world.

5.       Universities Have International Cooperation with Top Foreign Universities

Also, the Universities of Kazakhstan have much international cooperation with many top foreign universities in the world.

6.       Highly Qualified Faculty and Professors

The highly qualified faculty and professors of Kazakh Universities are appreciated in the whole country and have graduated from many top universities in the world.

7.       Medical Schools Maintain an Intercultural Environment

Thousands of students from all across the world come to study in the Kazakh medical schools and these schools maintain an intercultural environment.

8.       Duration of the MBBS Program (5 Years + 1 Year)

The duration of the MBBS program of Kazakh Universities is for 6 years which includes an internship period of 1 year.

9.       Equipped with Modern Amenities and Infrastructure Facilities

All the universities of Kazakhstan are equipped with modern amenities and infrastructure facilities and that, in turn, has resulted in various facilities being provided to the students who choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

10.   Provide a Top-Quality Highly Recognized Course

The students then choose to study MBBS in abroad look for universities which are not just economical but also provide them with a top-quality highly recognized course which results in the students getting job opportunities as soon as they graduate from the universities.

11.   Highly Skilled Individuals Work with Dedication

The only things employers require these days are the highly skilled individuals who can work with dedication and the students from Kazakhstan universities are a perfect combination of both the things.

12.   Admission Procedure Is Quite Easy

The admission procedure is quite easy and the students get direct admissions in the universities without the need to give any entrance exam.

13.   Easy Visas to the Students Visiting Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan also gives easy Visas to the students visiting Kazakhstan which is why a lot of Indian students study in the country.

14.   Economical Education and Cheap Fee Structure

All the universities of Kazakhstan are government universities and because of that, they offer economical education and a cheap fee structure.

15.   Excellent Clinical Training Facilities

The excellent clinical training facilities of Kazakhstan Universities are also famous in the medical circuit which not only sharpens the skills of the students but also gives them practical knowledge about handling the cases.

16.   Standards of the MBBS Program

The standards of the MBBS program set by Kazakhstan, Universities are so how high that it is difficult for many foreign universities to match that level which is why large students who have plans to study MBBS in abroad choose Kazakhstan as their choice of country to pursue the medical course.

17.   Lots of Opportunities and Work Offers

Students have realized that once they graduate from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University then the degree which they would receive would hold high value in the world which would result in them getting lots of opportunities and work offers in several countries.

18.   Graduation for Work Opportunities

The Indian students can also come back to India after graduation for work opportunities in the country.

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