Blue World City Islamabad- Features and Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad- Features and Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad- Features and Payment Plan

A virtual tour of Blue World City:


A global industrial and residential competition known as "the Blue World City Islamabad has begun near the new Islamabad International Airport. The challenge become performed is cooperation with a Chinese funding company, so it's far taken into consideration a good metropolis for China. This community is situated near Islamabad's brand-new international airport near the CPEC road.


The M-2 Motorway affords smooth entry to the domestic and international network. Blue World City location could be highly high-end because this challenging area is a few kilometers from the Chakri-Islamabad junction, the principal entry point for every home and industrial venture within Rawalpindi in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


Additionally, being near the Rawalpindi Ring Road will make the challenge more attractive. The challenge's goal is to make the residential and surrounding areas in Pakistan more tolerant of the existence of Chinese people. This concept of housing allows people to live a comfortable life for a minimal cost and allows everyone to customize their homes.


This is among the most pleasant of its kind and will undoubtedly leave its impression on Islamabad. The task has been taken on by authorities like the Rawalpindi Development Authority and the officials of Punjab. Blue World City NOC fame is quite lovely and clean.


Blue World City Payment Plan & Methods:


The property comprises many houses, both residential and non-residential, in three-year increments starting at Rs. 99,000/-. They also have advanced four-and-highlight-channel farms available to purchase.


They are priced reasonably and readily available. You can choose any Marla from the part office, eight Marla, ten Marla 1, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal in instalments or coins. Blue World City Payment Plan and Instalment Plan are reasonably priced and easy to use for customers.


Before making a reservation, you must practice for an assignment that allows the program to be available through your preferred UBL website. The reservation amount is 99,000 yen and is fixed as 10% of the total cost. The balance is divided into 38 instalments at the end of each month. Splits semi-annually are also to be found. In addition, with comments from the general public and tourists, Blue World City's master plan capacity is expected to double in the next 1-2 years.



Blue World City Development Status:


Blue World Site Architectural Design and Construction Services are proliferating. This flagship under taking therefore have become a primary funding goal in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. It was declared one among it being among the Best Housing Projects in 2018 and was recognized by RDA in the year 2018.


Rawalpindi Development Agency (RDA) in the year 2018. This means ensuring that the housing system is legally acknowledged. Blue City is a fast-developing network located in Islamabad, which has already been proven to be a reliable funding source. The website is among the most popular housing initiatives in Islamabad in 2018. Therefore, deciding to invest in this initiative is both beneficial and beneficial.



Blue World City Islamabad - Features & Amenities:


The gated network intends to offer safe, tranquil, affordable, and cost-effective housing and will affect the current Infrastructure and common worldwide facilities. The capabilities of this society include the following:


·         Warm & Fresh Water Pools, Including Spa Club

·         Sports & Cultural Complex

·         Safari Zoo

·         Pakistan's Biggest Water Theme Park

·         Oxygen Park & Lake

·         Safari Zoo

·         Pakistan's Biggest Water Theme Park

·         Oxygen Park & Lake

·         Commercial Centers & shopping malls

·         Adventure Club

·         3D I-max Cinema

·         Jamia Mosque, a replica of the Blue Mosque, Turkey.

·         The biggest water theme park.

·         Standards for international standard Infrastructure.

·         Society's Power Plant.

·         Police station to enforce law and order.

·         Well-developed roads.

·         In particular, the designated systems of mass transportation.



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