Tips to Find Window Cleaning Services in Etobicoke, Ontario

Tips to Find Window Cleaning Services in Etobicoke, Ontario

Tips to Find Window Cleaning Services in Etobicoke, Ontario

If you are looking for window cleaning Etobicoke, Ontario, then you are in the right place. There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind when you are looking for a service provider. Some of these things include the time of year that you will be looking for a window cleaning service and some of the mistakes that you can make when it comes to window cleaning.


Spring is a great time to get your windows cleaned. The weather is warmer and many animals are beginning to emerge from their hibernation. They are also looking for food, and may leave droppings on your windows. This can make your windows look grimy and dirty.

A clean window can help to improve the appearance of your home and keep your heating costs down. It also keeps you safe inside your home. However, it is not a task you should attempt on your own. You should call a professional. They have the equipment needed to do a thorough job, and are more comfortable working at heights. Plus, their crew is fully insured and trained for fall prevention.

When cleaning your windows in the spring, it is recommended that you do so on a sunny day. This will allow you to properly dry your windows after washing them. If you wait until the sun sets, you risk streaks on your windows.


Fall is a great time to tackle a window cleaning task. The cool weather is in full swing and your windows are likely to see a tad less rain than during the spring or summer months. This also gives you the opportunity to catch up on that home improvement project that's been kicking around in the back of your brain for the past few years. Having a clean window can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel when you come home at the end of a long day.

The aforementioned task can be a pain, so if you're short on time and a steady hand, you can hire a professional to take care of the lion's share. While you're at it, you might as well spruce up the exterior of your house with a thorough exterior cleaning.


Winter window cleaning can be a daunting task, but it's an important part of maintaining the look and function of your home. Clean windows are also a good way to improve the curb appeal of your property.

Clean windows will not only allow light to illuminate your interior space, but it will also make your home more energy efficient. Dirty windows will also reduce the amount of natural light in your home. If you are a business owner, keeping your storefront clean will help encourage customers to visit your establishment. A clean and shiny storefront will also boost your company's overall brand image.

Another reason to get your windows cleaned is the fact that your windows are a portal to the outside world. The glass of your windows can contract when temperatures dip below freezing, and if left unattended, they could quickly freeze. This could lead to broken or cracked glass. Keeping your windows clean will prevent this from happening and keep your business looking its best.

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning windows

Cleaning windows can be a daunting task. If you are not careful, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on cleaning products, or you will be left with streaky or dirty windows.

The proper way to clean windows is a matter of removing debris, scrubbing the surface with a sponge or squeegee, and washing away all the dirt. It's also a good idea to use a microfiber cloth to help dry the glass after it's been cleaned.

For the best results, you need to start from the top, and work your way down. This is because a lot of people start cleaning their windows with a circular motion, and the result is usually a streaky mess.

When it comes to cleaning windows, you should also make sure you use the right tools. A sponge is a good choice, but it's also important to know what type of cleaner to use, and what dilution method to use.

Professional window cleaners avoid injury

The risk of falling is a major concern for professional window cleaners. Many have fallen or know someone who has. To avoid these injuries, they should make sure they have a safety plan.

Professional window cleaners are trained to use the right tools and chemicals, and they have experience in ladder safety. They should also wear proper clothing, hats, and shoes.

When hiring a company, ask whether they are insured. If they are not, it may be a sign of a problem. Uninsured contractors can be stressful and costly.

Investing in insurance protects both you and the company. It can cover costs for accidents, lost earnings, and court fees. In some cases, it can also cover any medical bills.

The International Window Cleaners Association has developed a safety guide for the industry. It covers personal protective equipment requirements, as well as the standards set by OSHA for walking-working surfaces.


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