Faisal Town Phase 2: Who is developer

Faisal Town Phase 2: Who is developer

Faisal Town Phase 2: Who is developer

Who are the developers of Faisal town Phase 2?

Faisal Town Phase 2 is one of the most sought-after real estate investments within Lahore, Pakistan. The area is known for its excellent quality of life and modern infrastructure. But who are the people behind this huge project? In this blog we'll take a look at the firms that are behind Faisal Town Phase 2. We'll look at how their specialization has contributed to the development's success. We'll also look at what makes these developers successful, as well as explore their vision for the future of Faisal Town Phase 2. Read on to learn more!

Faisal Town Phase 2

Faisal Town Phase 2 Faisal Town Phase 2 is being planned by the Faisal Town Development Authority (FTDA). The FTDA is a government organization which is responsible for the plan and development of Faisalabad.

The Location

Faisal Town is a residential zone in Karachi, Pakistan. The town is named after the king Faisal who was from Saudi Arabia, who financed the construction of the town. It is situated near Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Lyari Expressway.

The population of Faisal Town is diverse and diverse, but mainly middle-class. The area is home to numerous parks and playgrounds as well being a variety of mosques and schools.

The owners for Faisal Town include The Habibullah Coastal Development Company (HCDC) as well as the Karachi Development Authority (KDA).

The Amenities

The facilities of Faisal Town rival any other town in Islamabad. There's a top-quality hospital and a 5-star hotel, international schools, as well as an advanced shopping mall. The developers have thought of everything to ensure that the residents will have all they need right at their fingertips.

The park also has a stunning park, which was developed by the best landscape architects in the United States. The park is home to the ability to walk and jog and a play area for children as well as a paddling pool. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind after an exhausting day.

The people who built Faisal Town have truly created an amazing piece of work. Faisal Town is a place that offers something for everyone, and it is evident that they've made the requirements of their residents first.

Why choose Faisal Town Phase 2?

A decision to live within Faisal Town Phase 2 comes with many advantages. The developers, Faisal Town Development Authority (FTDA) are known for their reputation for delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. They are also well-known for their dedication to sustainability and the environment. development.

FTDA is working towards the development of Faisal Town Phase 2 since 2014 and the project is currently nearing completion. The completed project will consist of a range of retail, commercial and residential units, as well as a school, hospital and community center.

The area the property is located in Faisal Town Phase II is also extremely convenient, being just two minutes away from Islamabad International Airport and close to major road connections. This makes it an ideal option for those who want to live in a peaceful and green environment but still be within reach of all the amenities of a huge city.

The Price

Faisal Town is a development project located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan that is currently in progress. The main developers of the project is the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) and the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

The aim of this project is to provide high-quality housing for the people of Faisalabad at an affordable price. The cost of houses in this town are very affordable compared to like developments similar to those in Lahore.

The developers have promised that the construction will meet international standards and that all amenities and facilities needed to enjoy a comfortable life will be provided in this town.

Faisal Town Developers Faisal Town

Faisal Town is a gated community that is being built through Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd. It is located on themain Islamabad Highway, opposite to Sector E-11. The area of Faisal Town is approximately 4500 acres(18 square kilometers). The development started the second quarter of 2005. As of March 2018, approximately 70%of the work for development has been completed.

The masterplan for Faisal Town includes five phases namely A, B, C D, E and A. Each phase has been divided into various blocks. Faisal Town Phase 1 comprises blocks A1-A10 while phase 2 encompasses blocks B1 up to B16. In the same way, Phase 3 comprises blocks C1 through C12, and Phase 4 contains blocks D1 to D8 and then Phase 5 consists of only 2 blocks i.e. E1 and E2.

The people behind Faisal Town are Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd. This is one of the leading real estateand construction firms within Pakistan with a proven of projects that have been successful both withinand outside Pakistan

The Master Plan of Faisal Town

The Faisal Town Master Plan was designed and conceptualized by the world-renowned architectural and engineering business of Aedas. The plan was approved through The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) in 2005.

Aedas are an international business that has worked on several of the iconic projects and masterplanned communities throughout the world. Their portfolio includes projects like that of the Burj Khalifa located in Dubai, One World Trade Center in New York, and Expo 2020 Dubai.

This Master Plan that is being developed for Faisal Town takes into account the needs of a increasing population and the need for an environmentally sustainable community. The town is designed as a walkable mixed-use community with green space and retail, office in addition to residential and commercial areas.

The plan contains provisions to provide a variety options including the light rail system as well as pedestrian walkways and bike pathways. The aim is to build a community that is comfortable to live in and simple to get around.

The Place of Faisal Town

Faisal Town is a residential region situated in the eastern region of Islamabad, Pakistan. It is separated from Margalla Hills to the north, Rawal Lake to the south along with the Islamabad Expressway to the east.

The geographical location of Faisal Town makes it a desirable location for workers in Islamabad. It is located near major highways and has access to public transport. There are numerous schools and hospitals in the area.

The Amenities of Faisal Town

The people who are the developers of Faisal town phase 1 , are M/s. Tariq Bin Ziyad and Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. They are a real estate development company that is based in Lahore, Pakistan. The company has been in operation for more than 25 years and has completed numerous commercial and residential developments in Lahore.

Some of the amenities available in Faisal town's phase one include:

- A well-lit and wide main boulevard
A separate pedestrian pathway that runs along the boulevard's main path
A central park, complete with an water fountain
- A community center with a library, computer lab and meeting rooms.
- A mosque
- A school
- A hospital

What are the Prices of Properties in Faisal Town

Faisal Town is a middle-income residential area located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is one of the town's largest and most well-known areas. Prices of homes vary according to the size and location of the area. Prices also differ based upon whether or not the land has been developed or not.

The price of an undisturbed plot within Faisal Town is PKR 2.5 million (USD 15,000). The median price for a developed area is PKR 4 million (USD 25,000).

There are many factors that can contribute to the range of prices. The dimensions of the plot are one of the major factors of the price. The properties in Faisal Town vary in size from five marla (1,250 sq feet) up to 1 Kanal (4,500 sq ft). Properties located on major roads and near facilities such as parks or schools tend to be more expensive than plots located in less desirable areas.

The status of development for an asset also influences its price. It is more expensive to buy a plot that has been developed than undeveloped ones as they are equipped with infrastructure such as water, electricity gas connections, and electricity. In addition, developed plots are ready for development, while undeveloped plots require the investment of infrastructure before they can be built on.


The developers of Faisal Town Phase 2 are an experienced group of and skilled individuals who comprehend the needs and desires of their customers. They strive to build quality homes that meet the highest standards of their clients with care and precision. With their beautiful designs, innovative construction, premium materials, competitive costs, and timely completion, they have truly earned their place as one of the most reputable builders in Lahore. If you're seeking a high-quality home located in an emerging area and not breaking your budget then Faisal Town Phase 2 certainly worth a look!



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